Welcome to The Social Hub


What's new?

On the 13th of October 2022, we embarked on an exciting new chapter in our story, bidding farewell to The Student Hotel and embracing a fresh identity as The Social Hub.


Why did we change our name?

Over the past decade, we dedicated ourselves to cultivating The Student Hotel, fostering a welcoming environment infused with the vibrant spirit of students. Our hybrid spaces blossomed into thriving hubs, igniting connections, inspiring ideas, and catalyzing transformation. As we progressed, our community flourished alongside us, surpassing the boundaries of our previous identity. The time has come for us to shed our old name, as The Social Hub encapsulates the essence of who we have evolved into and represents our authentic selves.


What changed?

We transitioned from having three brands: The Student Hotel, The Commons, and TSH Collab, to having one brand: The Social Hub. We rebranded all our locations, from our local Hubs to the Support Hubs, putting our new brand identity into action for everyone to enjoy.


What stayed the same?

One thing will always remain, and that is us. Our extraordinary teams, who embody the essence of our being—the very soul, value, and invaluable experiences that have shaped us. As we embark upon this new chapter, we amplify all that has made us uniquely special as TSH.