Services, facilities and extras

Are there bed linen and towels in my hotel room?

Yes, both bed linen and towels are provided to all guests.


Do you have twin rooms?

No twin rooms available


Do you have triple and family rooms?

No triple or family rooms available


Can we have an extra bed or a baby cot?

We do not have extra beds available.

Baby cots are based on availability and free of charge.


Do you have a gym?

Yes. It's open 24/7 for our guests. No changing rooms or showers in the gym area are available.


Do you have a pool?

No pool is available.


Do you have a hairdryer?

We'll always have a hairdryer handy, either in your room or at reception. Just ask us on arrival, but be sure to bring it back when you're done


Can I make a reservation at the restaurant?

No, it is not possible to make reservations. We work on a first come first serve basis.


Registration at The Social Hub Amsterdam City: 

If you are planning to stay in Amsterdam (whether you stay at The Social Hub the whole time or elsewhere), you must register with the municipality. You then become an official resident of the city (this also applies to people with Dutch nationality) which means you don’t have to pay tourist tax.


Why do you need to register?

When you are not registered at our address, the municipality considers you as a tourist and charges city tax for every night that you stay in the city. To avoid charging this, we need proof of your registration.

Non-registered guests have to pay city tax (this is an obligation of the municipality). If we don’t have your proof of registration, you’ll have to pay city tax for your entire stay.

Please note: if you’re staying in Amsterdam less than 4 months, you still have
the possibility to register yourself as a resident of the city. When you choose to do so, you can avoid paying city tax.


What do you need to bring to the municipality?

• A valid proof of identity: a passport or an ID card.
• A copy of your passport or ID card.
• Your rental contract from The Social Hub. Since we are a hotel property, this is your booking confirmation which was sent to your e-mail once your booking with us was confirmed. You can print this at the reception. It needs to be stamped and signed by us in order to be valid.
• Proof of being a student; a student card or a copy of proof of university enrollment.
• You need to go to the municipality in person.


Important to know:

You will be charged with city taxes for all the days you are not registered with the municipality of Amsterdam, so we advise you to make sure you register as soon as you check-in. 

Please note: a BSN number is not the same as registration and will not be accepted unless registered with an address in Amsterdam  (your home address is not valid). The document you must provide us has to contain your full name, date of birth, BSN, date of registration with the municipality of Amsterdam, and the address where you are registered in Amsterdam.