Do I Have to Pay City Tax?

Yes, each guest is required to pay the city tax, unless you are registered as a temporary/permanent resident of the city (e. g., student stays). City tax is a general tax charged by the municipality, to contribute to the upkeep of local infrastructure, public services, and cultural amenities that benefit both residents and visitors. The amount of city tax can vary depending on factors such as the city's policies, the type of accommodation, and the duration of your stay. These are the following city tax prices per location:

Amsterdam City: 12,5% of the net room nightly rate.

Amsterdam West: 12,5% of the net room nightly rate.

Barcelona: € 4.68 per person and per night (maximum of 7 nights).

Berlin: 5% of the room rate, per person, per night.

Bologna: When the rate falls between €1 - €30,99 the city tax is € 3,00.  Between € 31,00 - € 70,99  is € 4,20. Between € 71,00 - € 120,99 is € 4,60. From € 121,00 or more, the city tax is € 5,00.

Delft: €4.50 per person, per night.

Eindhoven: €3.50 per person, per night.  

Florence: €7.00 per person, per night(for a maximum of 7 nights).

Glasgow: No city tax.

Groningen:  €4.00 per person, per night.

Madrid: No city tax.

Maastricht:  €5.68 per person, per night.

Paris: €3 for the city tax, plus % on top per night but the price variates night by night based on the nightly price.

Rotterdam: 6.5% of the room cost.

San Sebastian: No city tax. 

The Hague: €6 per person, per night.

Toulouse: €3.60 per person, per night (from 2024)

Vienna: 3,2% of the room cost, per person, per night.