Payment methods for your stay

When it comes to booking your stay at The Social Hub, we understand that convenience and flexibility in payment options are essential. As such, we offer a range of accepted payment methods tailored to suit various types of stays, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our valued guests.


Accepted Payment Methods:

  1. Credit Cards: We gladly accept payments made with major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Credit cards offer a secure and widely recognized method of payment, providing you with peace of mind during your reservation process.

  2. Debit Cards: Debit card payments are also welcomed, allowing you to use your bank-linked card for a straightforward and efficient transaction.

  3. Invoice: Payment via invoice is only possible if the check in is more than 14 days in the future than the day you make your booking and exclusively for hotel and first payment of Extended Stay reservations (not possible for Student reservations). How do I get it? By directly contacting the property you are staying, you can find the contact information by property here. Keep in mind the invoice can only be provided after check-out.
  4. iDEAL (For Student Stays in The Netherlands): For our student guests in The Netherlands, we offer the convenience of iDEAL, the popular Dutch online payment system. This system ensures swift and secure payments directly from your Dutch bank account.

  5. Sofort (For Student Stays in Vienna): Students staying with us in Vienna can benefit from using Sofort, a trusted online payment system. This method facilitates quick and secure transactions, enhancing the overall experience of our guests.

Payment Guidelines for Different Types of Stays:


Hotel and Extended Stays: For hotel and extended stays, a credit card payment is mandatory during the booking process. This payment serves as a guarantee for your reservation.

Student Stays: At The Social Hub, we value our student guests and have designed a payment process that aligns with their needs and schedules.

  • Deposit Payment: During the booking process for student stays, a deposit is required and can be conveniently paid directly on our website. This initial payment secures your reservation.

  • Monthly Payments: Subsequent monthly payments for student stays are facilitated through payment links that are included in separate emails sent from TSH. Also you may have access to your payments through My Account or TSH App. For more information about this visit: The Social Hub app and My Account.

  • Payment Schedule: A payment link for the upcoming month is sent to you 14 days before the new month begins, ensuring ample time for processing.

  • Reminder Notifications: To help you stay on track with your payments, we send out a reminder email on the first day of the month, prompting you to complete your monthly transaction.

Country-Specific Payment Methods:

We recognize the diverse origins of our guests and have tailored our payment methods accordingly:

  • The Netherlands: iDEAL, credit cards, and debit cards are accepted.
  • Austria: Sofort, credit cards, and debit cards are accepted.
  • Germany: Credit cards and debit cards are accepted.
  • Italy: Credit card payments are accepted exclusively.
  • Barcelona and Paris: Credit card payments and Flywire are the accepted methods.

Bank Transfers:

While we offer a variety of convenient payment methods, we understand that preferences may vary. If you wish to make your payment via a bank transfer, kindly reach out to us at for further assistance. Keep in mind that bank transfers are only possible when your reservation is more than 20 days ahead. 


Not Authorized payments methods: 

While we embrace modernity in many aspects, we do not accept payments in the form of cash or digital coins (such as bitcoin).