The Social Hub App


 The Social Hub app offers a seamless experience for residents and guests allowing them to access various services, view their bookings, and stay updated on events and information relevant to their Hub.

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Download, Registration, and Logging in

Downloading the App

The Social Hub app can be downloaded from either the App Store here or the Play Store here, or via the below links. You can also simply search for ''The Social Hub'' in your respective app store and click on the download/install button to get started.


Apple store URL:

Google store URL:


Compatibility with Android

Whilst our app is supported on Android 9 and 10, we recommend using version 11 or higher versions for optimal performance. The app is not compatible with Android 8 or lower. Upgrading to a compatible Android version will allow you to install and use the app. 


Compatibility With iOS

Please ensure that you have iOS 15, or a higher version installed on your device. The app is not compatible with iOS 14 or lower. Upgrading to a compatible iOS version will allow you to install and use the app.


Who Can Download the App?

Anyone can download The Social Hub app; however, to access the app's content, you must have a booking in one of the Hubs. This ensures that you have access to the relevant information and services provided by The Social Hub.


Choosing the Correct Email for Registration

To create an account, it is crucial to use the same email address that was used during your booking process. This ensures that you have access to the correct information and personalized features within the app. For further details, visit our My Account article.


Unable to Find Booking after Account Creation:

If you can't see your booking after creating an account, please double-check that you used the same email address associated with your reservation. For additional assistance, consult the My Account Article .


Features and Functionality

The Social Hub app offers a wide range of features and functionality to enhance your experience. Here are some key highlights:

  • My Account:
    • Access your personal details, bookings, and preferences.
    • Update and manage your account information.
  • Events:
    • Browse and book events organized within your Hub.
    • Event registrations are handled through Eventbrite for ticketing purposes.
  • Hub Information:
    • Gain insights into your Hub, including services, purchasing extras, and bike usage instructions.
    • Explore and book additional services offered by The Social Hub.
  • Notifications:
    • Stay informed about the latest Hub updates, maintenance information, and relevant messages.
  • Laundry Services:
    • Reserve laundry machines accurately through the app. The machine will be reserved for you for 10 minutes. Within this 10-minute timeframe, head to the laundry.
    • Add your laundry items to the reserved machine.
    • Unlock machines via the app or physical button. In case you don't unlock the machine within the 10 minutes the machine will automatically become available for another user.
    • Timely cancellation ensures availability for others. Please do cancel it in case you won't be able to use it so other fellow co-liver can use it. To cancel your reservation, go to the machine you reserved within the app, click on "View Reservation," and follow the cancellation link.
    • Users can benefit from a maximum of 7 washings and 7 dryers per month. Additional credits cannot be purchased, and unused tokens will not carry over to the next month. On the first day of each calendar month, you will receive a new set of tokens.
    • In the laundry section of the app, you can track your laundry usage, including the number of washings you have remaining. The usage limits apply to Student and Extended Stays.
    • For more information about our laundry facilities you can check: Laundry room access.


If you receive messages that are not relevant to you, please contact with details of your Hub location and booking reference. The team will investigate the matter and assist you accordingly.


Additional Support

If you can't find answers to your questions above, kindly email and provide the following information:

  • Email address used for the reservation
  • Reservation number
  • Hotel location
  • Operating system
  • Version of the Social Hub app
  • Which function is not working (payment, articles, laundry, booking info, etc.) 
  • Time stamp of when you noticed the problem
  • Please attach screenshots and any other information that can help recreate the issue and provide efficient assistance.