What is the cancelation policy for a Student Stay?

All cancellation and termination requests are handled based on the terms and conditions accepted when making the reservation. To review our terms & conditions, please find them here.
It is mandatory to send an official request at least a month before your planned check-out date. You can make your request here. Cancelation requests by any other means are not considered valid requests.

How does a Student Stay take-over work?

In order to avoid a cancellation fee, we offer an alternative option of a takeover. These are the requirements for this option:

  1. The Student needs to find a replacement Student (registered/enrolled at a University)  who will take over their room and agreement (with all the rates, length of stay, and terms and conditions as originally booked)
  2. The takeover can only start from the 1st of a month, and we’ll need minimum 30 days to process this request (for example: if all requirements are done before the 1st of May, the ‘takeover’ can only be processed for the 1st of June)
  3. An administrative fee of €350.00 is required to process the takeover and the monthly payment where the process is taking place. Meaning until the takeover is fully processed the Original Student who booked the room is responsible for the monthly rate and additional services (bike, meal plan) payments.

Frequently asked questions about the procedure:

  • Does it have to be someone from my same university?

No. You can provide us with a new tenant from any university or school. Keep in mind that they will need to show proof of student ID during check-in.

  • Does it have to be same-sex?

This depends on your room type. If you share a room (twin types) you will need to search for someone of your same sex. If you do not share the room, it does not matter the sex of the new tenant provided.

  • Do you have a waiting list of students that want to take over a room/agreement?

No, we do not have a waiting list with potential students.

  • I have a current reservation for which I paid a deposit, can I use that deposit to confirm a take-over?

No. A take-over is a new semester reservation, and a new reservation will demand a new deposit to confirm the process. Your current deposit will remain attached to your post-departure room damages check.

  • What will a take-over cost me as a room owner?

The take-over has an administrative fee of EUR 350 in addition to the monthly payment where the process is taking place.

  • When is the take-over completed?

A takeover is considered completed once the new tenant has paid the deposit. Keep in mind that, if the new tenant decides to drop their interest in the room, and therefore does not pay the deposit, the room's original booker will remain with payment obligations towards TSH and will need to provide a new replacement student.