I'd like to use a bike provided by The Service Hub. Is it insured?

No, but you can get the bike insured against theft. The insurance fee for five months' is around €37.50 and for 6-12 months it's €75. However, it can vary per location please check with reception for most updated information.
Getting your bike stolen can happen to the best of us, so it’s smart to consider getting bike insurance. Just think, if you’re insured, you only pay €90 (your own risk), which is a lot less compared to the full €350 in the case that you don’t have bike insurance.
Good to know:
- In case you become a victim of bike theft, you need to notify the police so they can issue to you a police report. Then bring the report to the reception together with your bike key and we will equip you with a new bike.
- Damages are not covered by theft insurance. Come by at reception if you need any contacts of good bike repair shops.
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