What furniture is exactly in the room? Can I bring my own furniture to the room?

Everything you need to survive. Besides your en-suite bathroom, you've got a bed (lines and pillow(s) included), closet, desk, shelves, lighting, pin board to put up pictures of your beloved friends and family. Just a heads-up - there're no hairdryers in the rooms.

You can bring your own furniture, just be aware that our furniture is attached to the floor and/or wall, so it cannot be moved, plus we like to keep our walls hole-free, so no drilling! But lucky for you, we've got big boards where you can pin your posters and memos.

Big appliances such as your own washing machines, dryers, heaters, cooking appliances, or fridges are not allowed. Once you've checked out, your own furniture needs to be removed, so make sure you're not too weighed down!